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Imagine waking up on a quiet Tuesday morning in your suburban neighborhood only to find your home surrounded by police and news trucks while your father is being arrested on several counts of terrorism. That’s what the Malakandi family awoke to several years ago in their small town of Bothell, Washington. Their kind and compassionate father, who happily spent many years working long hours and merciless jobs to provide them with a safe life in America, was now up against an unjust judicial system in a culture quick to assume guilt. With a mission to fight these allegations, the Malakandi family skillfully rallied their friends, community, and even strangers to show the world and the judicial system that their father is not a terrorist–but will their efforts be enough to keep him home? Filmmakers Alex Stonehill and Bradley Hutchinson take viewers on the intimate journey of Sam “Barzan” Malakandi’s path from Iraqi refugee to family man striving for the American Dream to assumed terrorist.

Director Biography
Alex Stonehill is a photojournalist, videographer, and multimedia producer at The Seattle Globalist. His video work has been featured on PBS and Frontline/World and his photography has been printed in various publications. He teaches at the University of Washington.

Director Biography
Bradley Hutchinson was educated at Evergreen State College and has been involved in all aspects of filmmaking, from writing to editing to distribution. He has worked for many companies and independent film units and co-founded Seattle-based production company The Last Quest.

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Cast & Crew

Director: Bradley Hutchinson, Alex Stonehill
Producer: Morgan Dusatko
Editor: Bradley Hutchinson
Screenwriter: Sarah Stuteville
Cinematographer: Alex Stonehill

Music: Morgan Dusatko
Filmography: Debut Feature Film

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